Filming Continues in Plattsburgh with Ben Stiller [PHOTO]

The story was everywhere and I’m sure you followed it like I did, and in case you missed it, it’s now going to be a Showtime mini-series directed by Ben Stiller.

On Monday, pictures were surfacing of Ben Stiller and the set for the upcoming film “Escape at Dannemora.” The series is based on the real-life prison escape in 2015 by Richard Matt and David Sweat assisted by prison worker Joyce Mitchell (played by Patricia Arquette).

According to people on the scene, Ben Stiller is very nice but also very focused on this project. (Tweets were gathered by New York Upstate). Ben Stiller is set to direct all 8 episodes in the mini-series and also stars Benecio Del Toro as Richard Matt and Paul Dano as David Sweat. No official date yet on release.

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