Did You See Danny Glover in Albany This Week? [VIDEO]

Did You See Danny Glover in Albany This Week? [VIDEO]

Usually, when an actor is in the Capital Region it seems like everybody knows about it. Danny Glover was just here this week but he was here for something more important than just a quick visit.

Danny Glover was at the Capitol Building on Tuesday at a rally for Airbnb hosts. According to New York Upstate, Danny Glover was yelled at by a union of hotel workers who infiltrated the event. The hotel workers accused Glover of being paid by Airbnb to speak on their behalf.

I’m not even going to pretend that I have any idea what’s best for this state. At first, I just thought it was interesting that we had a celebrity in the Capital Region, then I thought it was interesting that he was supporting Airbnb, and then things got crazy. It’s so hard to come together and agree on something for an entire state but I appreciate the fact that we’re at least talking.


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