Capital Region Breweries Joining Together for New Beer [VIDEO]

Capital Region Breweries Joining Together for New Beer [VIDEO]

New York as a state has some of the greatest breweries in the country and the Capital Region specifically has some of my favorites. Now, three of them are partnering together to make something delicious.

New York State is home to the fourth-largest craft beer industry in the country, according to WTEN. Wolf Hollow Brewery in Glenville, NY is partnering up with Slidin Dirty in Troy, NY and Hunter’s on Jay in Schenectady, NY to create “The Dirty Hunter.”

I’ve been to all three of these delicious and amazing beer locations and I can only imagine that a partnership between these three places will only lead to something fantastic. That’s one great thing about the New York beer industry if you’re not familiar, they may be competition to an extent but breweries and brewers all support each other and work together to make sure New York becomes the best place for craft beers. This is just another example of how cooperative the whole industry is!

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