Albany Teen’s Rap Noticed by Official Hamilton Facebook [VIDEO]


Albany Teen’s Rap Noticed by Official Hamilton Facebook [VIDEO]


The Capital Region is all about Hamilton these days. Aside from it being fantastic (the music anyway, I couldn’t afford to actually see it), Proctors announced that it’s coming to Schenectady for the 2018-2019 season. Well, an Albany teen posted his rap to the official Hamilton Facebook page and they took notice.

Lee Reh may only be an Albany High School student but he’s already got quite the musical resume. Lee Reh first got notoriety as part of the musical group Young Noble Gentlemen when he won a Grammy songwriting contest in 2016 with fellow member Rah-mene McDuffie. They got the opportunity to go to the Grammys after their song “Fight” won.

Reh then recorded himself and the Albany High School orchestra doing “My Shot” from the award-winning Broadway musical Hamilton back in December. I saw on the Times Union website that it was posted to the official Hamilton: An American Musical Facebook page and has only been growing in views. The page itself noticed how great Reh’s performance was and reposted it saying “Prob’ly shouldn’t brag, but dag LeeRehsmusic, you amaze and astonish! Check out this Hamilton: An American Musical fan’s cover of “My Shot.” #HamFanJams” 

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