Spa Mirbeau: Albany Day Spa [PHOTO]


Spa Mirbeau: Albany Day Spa [PHOTO]


Nothing is more relaxing than someone taking care of you, your brain lost to nothingness and finally getting a chance to catch your breath. I had the amazing opportunity to try out the new Spa Mirbeau in Crossgates Mall, when you can say falling asleep in an experience is a good thing.

Spa Mirbeau opened inside of Crossgates Mall at the end of last year and I couldn’t wait to give it a try. Spa Mirbeau is a national brand whose focus is being a day spa. They offer so many options to get you to your most relaxed mental state in a day’s time.

To start, I decided to utilize the mini gym they have. There are treadmills, ellipticals, and step machines. You can also weight-lift a bit with free use of towels and relaxing lemon/cucumber water. I figured working out first would make the spa experience even better. There are also workout classes too, like barre or spinning, the schedule is available on their website.

When you arrive at the spa, you’re given a bathrobe and slippers. I love that I don’t have to worry about bringing that stuff myself. You can also utilize a locker that you create the lock code for to keep your stuff safe. You can either change there or there are private rooms if you’d rather, I changed into my bathing suit when I arrived.

The first place I went was into the sauna. I grabbed a towel, left my bathrobe on the hanger outside and just sat in the warm. Saunas alone are so relaxing, I was happy to happen to have it to myself to just breath it in. Right next to it was the steam room so I gave that a try. Steam rooms aren’t my favorite because there’s a period of time in the beginning where I can’t breathe but after a few minutes, it was very relaxing.

After that, it was a quick hop in the shower and then hot tub time.The hot tub is by the bar, where they will cater to any drink needs you may have while you’re in the tub or you could grab free bottled water scattered throughout.

I went to the last area before lunch time, the relaxation room. I need one of these in my house. There are benches to relax, towels to put over your eyes, tea to warm your insides, and my favorite is the continuous sounds of a fountain. It’s the room you wait for various spa treatments but for me, it was a place to close off the world and take a nap.

As for the food, what options! I started off with a nice glass of Prosecco ($8) and a charcuterie ($16) that had a few meat choices, apples, mustard, and pate. Lunch was a veggie burger ($14) that had tzatziki and cucumber slaw with a side butternut squash ($5). Dessert was incredible! Even if you just treat yourself with the Mirbeau Sundae ($10), you won’t be disappointed. The bottom has a blondie topped with vanilla ice cream, a chocolate dome, heath crunch, and poured on warm caramel. I’ve had dreams about that experience and next time at Crossgates, I may just go to order that.

The day spa pass experience was fantastic. I was only there a few hours, didn’t even get a spa treatment and still felt incredibly relaxed when I left. They thought of everything: there’s shampoo/conditioner in the shower, ear plugs, hairties, razors, towels, curling irons, hair dryers, and pretty much anything else you need. Next time, though, I see a treatment in my future!

DISCLAIMER: I was not paid for my review. Opinions expressed here are truthful and solely my own but my entire experience was paid for so that I could write about the location.

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