World’s Largest Kaleidoscope is in New York State [VIDEO]

World’s Largest Kaleidoscope is in New York State [VIDEO]

Whenever you’re taking a long car trip somewhere, it’s always nice to stop off and explore, right? Well, one of those strange roadside attractions is not only the largest in the country but it’s in the Catskills.

If you visit the Emerson Resort & Spa in Mount Tremper, you might see a silo on the property that looks out of place, OnlyinYourState pointed out that it’s not the kind of silo you’re thinking of, it’s a kaleidoscope. Not just any kaleidoscope, it’s the World’s Largest!

When you go visit, you can shop the store and get yourself a kaleidoscope or try out a bunch of other kinds of kaleidoscopes (including the World’s Smallest as well). The one everyone goes to see, though, is called the Kaaskill Kaleidoscope. It’s $5 to get in and everyone 11 and under is free! It’s so big that you may have to lay on the floor to see what this kaleidoscope can do.

According to their website, it’s 56 feet tall and certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

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