New York Brewery Famous For Not Serving Beer

New York Brewery Famous For Not Serving Beer

Sounds strange, right? They’re a brewery but the only thing they don’t serve is beer and you can check them out right here in New York.

Based in Syracuse, “Anything But Beer” are creating a bunch of drinks similar to beer but none of them actually qualify as beer. According to New York Upstate, they are carbonated like you’d expect from a beer with a high percentage of alcohol but aren’t technically beer.

Anything But Beer starts their beverages with vegetables and fruit to utilize those natural sugars for alcohol unlike grain in beer. They said, “Examples include The Root Less Traveled, a spiced sweet potato beverage; Chai Your Luck, a ginger chai drink; Midnight Hike, a blueberry/black currant combo; Apricotto, made with locally  grown apricots; and Deez Nuts, a hazelnut cider.”

So far you can have beer, wine, spirits, even cider, but Anything But Beer says there’s a gap and they’re looking to fill it with what they’re making. If you don’t like beer, don’t drink beer, or. can’t because of a gluten allergy, this is for you, give it a try!

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