Local Woman Was on Jeopardy on Monday [PHOTO]


Local Woman Was on Jeopardy on Monday [PHOTO]


We all have that dream to play. The minute it comes on, we yell the answers out loud like we’re Jeopardy champions and one woman actually had the opportunity.

Hoosick Falls resident Kate Logan has had that same dream to be on “Jeopardy” and now we all lived vicariously through her. The Troy Record reported that we could’ve all cheered for our local potential champion on Monday’s episode of Jeopardy. She described the application process and mentioned how she went through it three times before making it and going to the studio in California.

First, she took the online test and made it to the next round where she auditioned in New York City in April. She taped the show in November in California and I can’t imagine what it’s like to keep the secret of her time there. Kate ended up placing second but we’re still happy to see the Capital Region represented!

Also, I know what you’re thinking, you want to know what Trebek is like, right? Well Kate had only nice things to say about him, “Alex Trebek is the most gentlemanly considerate person that anyone could ever hope to meet, he really is a champion himself and I just loved it all.”

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