JUST Water Introducing Infused Flavors [VIDEO]

JUST Water Introducing Infused Flavors [VIDEO]

You may have seen the cardboard box water bottles around the Capital Region from the Glens Falls company, JUST. Now, there are going to be more colors and new flavors with these new additions.

I had the opportunity to visit JUST Water’s Glens Falls location over a year ago and hear the story of their business (post here) so I’m so glad to hear they’re continuing to grow. The company which, in the celebrity world, is being heavily pushed by the Smith family (you know, Will, Jada, Jaden, and Willow). Well, Jaden just shared a video on his Twitter account about the future of this water company.

The Post Star is reporting that many thought JUST was just changing their labels but it’s more than that. Available online now for $44.99 for 24 bottles, the official announcement is expected at the end of the month. They’ll soon be adding yellow for lemon, orange for tangerine, and red for apple cinnamon. Their website is also featuring green and maroon but no announcement of those flavors.

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