Where to Eat the Chicken Wing Donut [VIDEO]

I like chicken wings, I like donuts, and it just seems like the perfect mix for the Super Bowl. A bit of a drive may be worth it, these sound delicious!

Remember when Coccadotts’┬ádid the chicken wing cupcake? A chicken wing donut was the obvious next step, the only problem is you can’t find it in the Capital Region, you have to drive to Oswego County. Just Donuts started experimenting one day with ideas for chicken wing dip and then before they knew it they had the (secret) donut recipe.

NY Upstate said that they usually only serve the donuts during football season with a side of blue cheese dressing, now they make them every Sunday. They sell for $1.75 each, $7 for a half-dozen and $14 for a full dozen, on Super Bowl Sunday they sell about 30 dozen. If you head out that way, chicken win donuts aren’t the only strange concoctions they make, you can also find donuts with cereal, potato chips, and bacon.



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