Times Union Center Gala Cancelled, Donation Made

Times Union Center Gala Cancelled, Donation Made

The Times Union Center has spent some time updating their entire atrium and to celebrate, they were going to have a concert with big names like John Legend, James Taylor, and local favorite Moriah Formica. That’s not the case anymore.

According to sources, the Times Union Center gala had to be canceled due to scheduling conflicts with John Legend (though other sources said there was a problem with promoter fees). They’re hoping to schedule another show with big names in the future to celebrate their opening. The problem is that money generated from this event was going to go to a great cause, the Pediatric Emergency Department at Albany Medical Center.

James Taylor didn’t want Albany Med to lose in this so he decided to take it in his own hands. Taylor first was going to forego his own fee to continue the concert but said he didn’t hear anything after that suggestion. So Taylor and his wife Kim Hessberg Taylor who is an Albany native, have donated $10,000 to the center instead. Kim said about the Pediatric Emergency Center in a statement, “It is an institution that is very special to me…we’re happy to be able to provide this support.”

Those who purchased tickets can have them refunded through Ticketmaster, or another point of purchase, according to The Daily Gazette.


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