Hannaford Releases Smart-Phone Rewards Program

Hannaford Releases Smart-Phone Rewards Program

I love loyalty programs, I just hate having to carry those stupid cards around. Hannaford has come up with a new way to save on your groceries and all you need is your phone!

My Hannaford Rewards is available now for iPhone and Droids. The way it works, is that you go shopping like you usually do but then at check-out you can either scan the code on your phone or give your phone number and receive the rewards! You can add coupons right onto the app and receive 2% rewards on Hannaford name-brand items. Then, every three months, that’s like free money in your pocket!

Also, you’ll receive personalized coupons through your email. They don’t collect information on your age, race, etc but they will keep track of what you purchase so that you can track it and be sure to get the coupons you’ll actually use. According to The Daily Gazette, it includes Hannaford, Taste of Inspirations, Nature‚Äôs Place, Home 360, Cha-Ching, Etos, Companion, CareOne and Healthy Accents products.


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