UPDATE: Great American Cookie Cake Giveaway [PHOTO]

You may have seen some pictures pop up on my Facebook and Instagram once per month giving away a FREE cookie cake from Great American Cookie in Crossgates Mall. That’s not changing, but the picture you’re looking for is!

I figured, new year, new picture – right? If you’re reading this and don’t have any idea what I’m talking about, boy have you been missing out! TAKE A LOOK HERE for a full explanation.

For a rundown, take a look on my Facebook and Instagram on the 15th of every month for this picture and when you see it LIKE and COMMENT and you’re entered to win a free cookie cake from Great American Cookie. Of course, there are a few RULES and REGULATIONS to follow:

Along with the general regulations that go with every giveaway or contest featured on this blog (found HERE), in order to be a winner of the Great American Cookies cookie cake, you:

  1. MUST live in the Capital Region- I’ll say a 60 mile/1 hour radius from Crossgates Mall, because you…
  2. MUST be able to pick up the cookie cake yourself from Great American Cookies located in Crossgates Mall
  3. HAVE TO redeem your free cookie cake within 2 weeks/14 days of winning at the Crossgates Mall location
  4. CAN NOT have won a cookie cake before – I’m picking at random, it’s not fun if someone wins twice!
  5. Everything else is at the discretion of Great American Cookies

If you’ve never been, I have, so take a look:

So new for the year 2018, keep your eyes out for this picture and good luck!

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