Schenectady Mentioned in “The Crown” [PHOTO]

Schenectady Mentioned in “The Crown” [PHOTO]

I started looking at things to watch on Netflix after I finally caught up on Doctor Who and apparently didn’t get too far. I saw Matt Smith (a former Doctor) staring in “The Crown” and started watching. Shortly thereafter, The Daily Gazette mentioned an article about Schenectady being mentioned.

“The Crown” is a Netflix show about the reign of Queen Elizabeth, beginning with her decision to marry the Duke of Edinburgh through the monarchy. In episode 4, in a scene set in 1959, the word “Schenectady” appears on an old radio. Bill Buell of The Daily Gazette said that it’s quick and hard to miss but according to his picture, it appears with about 36:40 left in the episode.

As he reported from Chris Hunter, of miSci, said: “It had to be some sort of shortwave radio that was used for longer  transmissions,” Hunter said. “Schenectady had two shortwave stations, W2XAD and W2XAF, but I think the radio they used for the show had to be much older than 1959. They started back in the 1920s, and people all over the world would listen to Schenectady for news and entertainment. But they were winding down by 1958 or ’59.”

It’s always so cool to see the Capital Region named in national TV shows or movies. Even if you don’t spot the quick mention of Schenectady, “The Crown” has been a quite enjoyable show and it’s always interesting to see what an impact our area has had in history.

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