Do You Compost? Have you Heard about FoodScraps360?

Scouring the internet as I usually do usually has me end up on the Albany Reddit where I came across a company called FoodScraps360. The best part is, you don’t have to worry about getting rid of your compost because they’ll come do that for you!

As they explain on Reddit, they do bi-weekly and weekly collections for $6 per bucket. They said about their process, “Every bucket pick up is $6 if it’s a residential collection. If you have more than one bucket, which most people do it would be $12 per pick up.” They accept all kinds of compost, including meat and tissues but no medical waste.

In easier terms, they give you a bucket and you fill it up for the week or for two weeks and then you put it outside. They pick up the bucket as long as you live within a 25 miles radius of Albany. Based on Delmar, you can sign up for FoodScraps360 via their website and also are looking for commercial customers and will specifically pick up buckets for events.

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