Beautiful “Homeless Jesus” Statue in Schenectady [PHOTO]

I live in Schenectady and I haven’t seen this statue in person but the idea behind it and the beauty of it is astounding.

Outside of St Luke’s Church in Schenectady you may be surprised to see a bench with what looks to be a man sleeping on it. That man isn’t real but a statue of “Homeless Jesus.” According to The Daily Gazette, the statue is a man in a cloak covering his head rather than his feet where you can see the markings from the nails.

The sculptor has placed the statue all around the world and we’re so lucky that he approved Schenectady as one of the places to put one. The story behind the statue is an incredible one. Donations came from all over the area to afford the statue but one in particular was incredible. One man found solace in St. Luke’s Church after losing everything, his wife, children, and home. When this statue needed to be funded, some time after the man had stopped in the church, Pastor Isopo got a check from that same man for $40,000 signing it “Once homeless friend.”

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