Tierra Farm Changes Famous Granola

Tierra Farm Changes Famous Granola

Tierra Farm products are delicious. You’ve seen them at your local grocery stores, in Crossgates Mall but may not have known that they’re local and from Valatie, NY. Now, they’re doing something else incredible and you have to read about it!

Tierra Farm has recently redesigned their packages of their entire certified-organic granolas, “switching from 16 oz. tamper-evident, semi-rigid plastic containers to sustainably made, resealable and tamper-proof 20 oz. bags.” These new bags aren’t only just better for the environment, but easier for the consumer to use as well. They’re easier to pour and being available with 4oz more, makes that one bag last longer.

The top-selling flavors of Tierra Farm granola are Tierra Farm’s Organic Pistachio Mulberry Granola and Organic Maple Ginger Cashew Granola. With each of these flavors, it’s like all the ingredients are right in the title, no crazy added unpronounceable words on this label. “All of Tierra Farm’s products are produced in small, hand-crafted batches and are 100% certified organic, certified gluten-free, certified kosher and GMO-free.”

If you didn’t catch my trial of the Honey Sriracha Cashews, those are a can’t miss snack. The perfect mix of hot and sweet, I’m hoping they end up in my stocking this year in particular. If you’re looking for a delicious and local Christmas present, grab some Tierra Farm products together and make a Christmas basket no one is going to be disappointed about. Go to their website to see all of their options, you won’t believe it!

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