Enigmatic Escapes, Escape Room

Do you like escape rooms? My friend and I are pretty obsessed so when we see one, we have to give it a try. Most recently, we jumped on Groupon to find Egnimatic Escapes in Troy.

Enigmatic Escapes is the first escape room in Troy, NY that began with two friends who began in LARPing but realized their “calling” was in escape rooms. A relatively new experience, Enigmatic Escapes first opened their doors earlier this year in the Troy Atrium. To be honest, it’s a little difficult to find if you’re unfamiliar with the area but totally worth it.¬†Walk to the middle of the atrium, near the staircase, walk up the stairs and then the green signs will lead the way.

If you’ve never been inside of an escape room, the concept is easy. Rooms exist at various levels but the main point is to use the objects around you to find your way out, to escape. In this room, you’re trying escape from the story “Secret of the Study.” I don’t want to give away any secrets (because what’s the fun in that) but you start off in the missing Professor James Prosper’s study with a mission to find his hidden will before all of his assets are taken. Through his paperwork, inventions, and clues he’s left behind for you, you solve your way out of the room.

You have one hour and the option to get hints. What I loved about Enigmatic Escapes is it’s the kind of escape room when you enter a room and then grab at anything to start your journey. I’ve been in escape rooms that are mostly linear with just paper clues, this one had moving parts, and the ability to work on multiple things at once, it was wonderful!

I did pay for this via groupon but aside from that deal, wasn’t otherwise given a discount for this review.

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