Fuccillo Looking for “Next Caroline” [VIDEO]

Fuccillo Looking for “Next Caroline” [VIDEO]

To be from this area means you’re familiar with which car dealership is “HUGE” but you may not have known that Billy Fuccillo has locations all the way down the East Coast and one of them is looking for a spokesperson.

Fuccillo is currently working on his Cape Coral, FL location looking for the “Next Caroline.” You should be familiar with Caroline Renfro who has been on the commercials with the dealership owner for years, until she seemed to suddenly disappear. According to Naples Daily News, the mystery has been solved and Caroline just decided to resign. There were so many rumors surrounding her location. My favorite was when we heard she moved to Virginia to become a nun.

Fucccillo said that the split was amicable but that leaves him an empty space in his Florida commercials. Applicants had to have sent in their resumes by November 6th and he said 5 panelists from the Fuccillo Auto Group will be deciding the final choice. We know the he uses generally the same people throughout his commercials so I won’t be surprised if we start seeing a new face up here in the Northeast too.


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