Albany Store for Veterans In Need

Albany Store for Veterans In Need

The minute I heard about this, I was obsessed. This is an amazing organization and you need to share this because I want everyone to know it exists. Our veterans fought for our freedoms, fought for this country, the least we could do is help when they’re down and out.

The Albany Veteran’s Miracle Center is a place for veterans to go when they’re in need. The best part about them is that everything is free to veterans. The center has mostly grown in notoriety because of word of mouth but now they’re not only helping people in this area but doing their part to help veterans all over the country.

They offer “food, kitchenware, toiletries, diapers, clothes, shoes, and even beds,” according to WNYT. At first, when they opened in November 2014, they initially were just hoping to help over the holiday season. After seeing that the need doesn’t come close to stopping after that season, they kept their doors opened and continued collecting donations. They were most surprised that the need for active military was just as bad as it was for vets.

It’s crazy to think that people are coming in from Vermont, New Jersey, and as far as Pennsylvania because there’s nothing else like them out there. Everything they have is donated or purchased with money donated to them. It’s mostly basic essentials you may take for granted. In the last three years, they’ve done 242,000 rolls of toilet paper. This is a way for veterans to make ends meet and not have to worry. Give them a closer look and as you’re going through your things or looking for somewhere to donate this season, take a great look into the Albany Veteran’s Miracle Center.

“The Veterans Miracle Center is a non-profit organization and is not affiliated with the VA or any government agency.”

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