No Fishing License Days in New York State


No Fishing License Days in New York State


Looking to get some last-minute fishing in before the colder weather but didn’t get a license? There are a few free fishing days coming up in New York State and one of them is this week!

Whether you live in New York State or not, Veteran’s Day is considered a “Free Fishing Day.” New York Upstate has reported that the state Department of Environmental Conservation allows certain days during the year to be “Free Fishing Days.” Anyone is allowed to fish fresh New York State waters without a license, though all other regulations apply. The regulations are dependent on the body of water that you wish to use. You can find each of the locations listed on the website for the Department of Environmental Conservation. The next upcoming “Free Fishing Days” are February 17-18 and June 23-24, so plan ahead if this weekend is a little too fast to make plans. Enjoy!


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