Capital Region Town Named Happiest in America

I don’t know how you can really gauge if a town is happier than another but apparently someone did and named one local town one of the happiest in the country.

I’m from Schenectady, who knew I was as close as I was to one of the happiest places in the country – Niskayuna. Only in Your State looked at sites that rated places on things like having a job, the length of commute, education, poverty rates, and home ownership rates and Niskayuna came out near the top.

Niskayuna has a high percentage of residents who are married which is something that helped it hit the top of the list. Niskayuna High School has been rated as one of the top-performing schools in the country (26th to be exact). There’s also a high number of residents who own their own home and a lot of nature and abundant space. Think of the Capital Region, do you agree that Niskayuna would be the happiest?

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