Yes, There Is a Doctor Who Restaurant in Beacon. Yes, I Have to Go.

I have a variety of interests, most of them just tend to be really nerdy. I saw that there’s a Doctor Who restaurant not that far from us in Beacon and I’m already trying to figure out when I can go.

Pandorica Restaurant on Main Street in Beacon is recognizable by the TARDIS-like door out front. If what I’m saying sounds like Greek, you must not be a fan of The Doctor. Whovians looking for a unique dining experience look no further than Pandorica. Surrounded by Doctor Who decor and tablecloths in TARDIS blue, you’ll feel right at home. Are you a superfan? They, of course, have trivia but if you’re not caught up in the series, just be careful of spoilers, sweeties.

On the menu you’ll find show-related foods like fish fingers and custard (thanks 11), WHO-mmus, Gallifreyed Potato Pancakes, Rory’s Roman Caesar Salad, Silurian Nest, Madame De Pompadour Cake, and so many more amazing references. Just note if you’re looking to head down there, they are closed on Tuesdays.

Doctor Who TARDIS

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