Upstate New York’s Best Pizza Winners

We’re New Yorkers. There are two things we know about ourselves: we don’t take anyone’s crap and we have the best pizza in the country – no argument. recently did a poll to find the best pizza in Upstate NY and while their Capital Region choices are great, they wouldn’t be the two I would’ve chosen.

Out of the five pizza locations they decided on, two of them are from the Capital Region (Schenectady, of course). Number 4, they selected More Perreca’s and number 3 was Homestyle Pizza (Number 1 was O”Scugnizzo Pizzeria in Utica). So, I’m from Schenectady and I will fight anyone who disagrees that we have the best Italian food, and therefore pizza, in the Capital Region. With that, I love both of those places. I grew up living near Homestyle Pizza and we ordered from there so often I had their phone number memorized. Great pizza? Yes. Best pizza in Upstate NY? Wait one second.

First, More Perreca’s has great coal-fired pizza but if I’m picking a pizza in that neck of the woods, I’m going with OG Perreca’s Bakery tomato pie. Granted, maybe it doesn’t count as “pizza” so that’s the only reason I’m accepting that it’s not in the top five. Also staple of my childhood, Marino’s in Schenectady should be on the list and Prima has my heart, especially their eggplant pizza. Last, I’ve never been there personally and it’s not in Schenectady but doesn’t Kay’s make these lists every time? If you had to pick theĀ best pizza in the Capital Region, which place would you choose?

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