Legoland Coming to Upstate New York [VIDEO]


Legoland Coming to Upstate New York [VIDEO]


My inner child is freaking out right now. When I was a kid, three toys mattered to me: Barbies, TY Beanie Babies, and Legos. Until someone creates a life-size Barbie dream house or I find a place to buy all of my TY Beanie Babies “worth so much money”…one out of three isn’t bad!

Apparently it’s been in the works for a while but it’s finally been announced that in 2020, Upstate NY can expect a Legoland in Goshen. This $340 million investment is the largest the company behind Madam Tussaud’s has ever made, which means we can expect a lot from this park.

Even before the park has been built, you can already visit the Legoland Community Welcome Center at 6 North Church Street, Goshen. If you’re looking to see what you can expect at the upcoming Legoland and the building process, check out the welcome center and play with some Legos while you’re there! The other Legoland locations are in California and Florida so this will be the first of its kind in the Northeast and I already can’t wait for it!

Legoland will be open from April 1 – November 1 with a Legoland hotel open year-round.

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