Harry Potter Themed Tea in Latham

Harry Potter Themed Tea in Latham

I’m obsessed with Harry Potter. I have a Harry Potter wallet, my keys have Harry Potter on them and as I write this, I’m wearing a Harry Potter sweatshirt. I love what a local tea place is doing to celebrate the series.

On December 16th, The Tailored Tea in Latham off of Rt. 7 will become a place only found in a JK Rowling book. The Harry Potter themed holiday tea will have activities like trivia, house sorting, tea leaf reading, and prizes. The only way to do it right, of course, is to come dressed as your favorite character or rep the colors of your Hogwarts (or Ilvermony) house.

With your ticket, you get a four-course tea meal with desserts including favorites like pretzel wands and chocolate frogs. If you intend to join the festivities, they ask that you call ahead of time to make reservations. December 16th from 6:30PM-9:30PM!

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  • Called and left message for dec 16. Would like reservations for 2 in griffindor house.ty
    Call kathy 518-813-6950

  • My wife Hannah owns the Leaky Cauldron,I can set up a few reservations as we know the owners of Tailored Tea.

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