The Last Dab [VIDEO]

My boyfriend Jim and I are obsessed with First We Feast: Hot Ones on YouTube. If you’ve never seen it before and you love hot sauce, you’re missing out on some good ones. I bought Jim the hottest sauce they have for his birthday and filmed him eating it.

If you’ve never watched Hot Ones, the way it works is that the host (Sean Evans) interviews celebrities while eating chicken wings, but it’s not that easy. The chicken wings are covered in hot sauces that get progressively hotter. The interviews always end with “The Last Dab,” or a dab of whatever the hottest sauce is at the time. Recently, though, Hot Ones came up with their own sauce called “The Last Dab” featuring the newly discovered Pepper X that’s hotter than the Carolina Reaper. I bought the sauce and gave it to my boyfriend for his birthday, he tried it. The video is honestly hysterical and his mouth has since recovered!

I understand that this product isn’t local but we’re crazy and we’re local so…same thing?

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