Guys, I Bought a House…

Guys, I Bought a House…

I knew buying a house would be a lot o work, especially in the beginning but I honestly didn’t realize just how much of my time and free thought would go to it.

As my emails backed up and my friends forgot what I looked like, I was working away on my new house in Schenectady. I went from living with my Mother and having one room to put all of my stuff to buying a new house and not having anything I need. I’m so grateful that I have this ability to move as I wish and not have to rush or do it in one weekend but that also leads to more procrastination than I should.

Now that the walls are painted and I’ve spent all of my money, I’m getting back to a regular routine which includes catching up on some blogs I owe. There were a few local businesses who spent time showing me what they do and I’m so grateful of how understanding they’ve been while I’ve decided between shower curtain colors.

Coming up soon, expect blogs about:

  • RAD Soap Skin Psyche face mask video
  • Adirondack Winery new Bolton Landing tasting room
  • Down by the River kayak tours of Amsterdam
  • Tierra Farm’s new Honey Sririacha Cashews
  • NEW soon-to-be opened restaurant Daley’s on Yates
  • An upcoming event involving the Ronald McDonald House

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