Local Restaurant Limits Drinks to Parents

Local Restaurant Limits Drinks to Parents

I never really thought about it but do restaurants have the right to do this? I guess restaurants can do whatever they want with their own business and product but do you think this is a good idea?

Peddler’s Bar & Bistro in Clifton Park is implementing a policy where they will refuse to serve more than one drink to an adult dining with a child. According to the Times Union, if there are two adults it applies to the one who says that they’re driving after the meal. Apparently the rule isn’t new and has been common place there since at least 2010. Nothing legally is stopping Peddler’s from doing this, the only right of refusal rule applies to people who are obviously overly intoxicated.

I don’t really see an issue with this, it can’t be a terrible idea to look out for children who may not be able to look out for themselves. At the moment, it seems, only one restaurant has this rule so if you’re against it, then just don’t go to Peddlers. If this rule catches on, though, does that take away free will while I’m dining out?

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