We’re Famous for Something, Why Not Have a Festival to Celebrate?

Potato Chips are one of those things that everyone eats. It’s just the best vehicle for getting dips, cheeses, hummus into your mouth. Did you know that they were created locally?

Back in the 1850s, a diner sent back his potatoes to the kitchen twice for being too thick and soft. The solution? Make them razor-thin and crunchy and the potato chip was created. Or wait, was it that a woman was cooking and accidentally dropped a piece of potato in the fryer? It seems as if no one is 100% sure but what we do know is that the potato chip is ours and we’re celebrating it!

This Saturday at the Saratoga Springs City Center is the 2nd Annual Chip Festival. You’ll see chip memorabilia, you’ll have the chance to sample various potato chips, as well as take part in a national chip contest according to The Daily Gazette. The event starts at 10AM until 4PM and it’s $5 for an adult ticket, free for 12 years or younger.

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