Saratoga Race Course Announces 2017 Giveaways

Every year it seems like one of the most important announcements for the track is the giveaways. We’ve had some amazing, well-trained, nationally known horses come to Saratoga but it’s crazy when free stuff is involved.

I don’t really have anything against the track itself, I just don’t personally gamble. Honestly most of the time I go to the track because I’m craving some Shake Shack. NYRA recently just announced their giveaways so if you see something you’d like, mark it off on your calendar. If you’re a season ticket holder, you’re guaranteed one of each item if you attend the track that day and turn in the ticket by 3PM but otherwise it’s first-come, first-serve and you have to pay admission each time with a limit of three per person. For more information and pictures, you can go to NYRA’s website.

  1. Sunday, July 23- Saratoga Baseball Cap (Hat Day at the Track)
  2. Monday, August 7 – Saratoga T-Shirt
  3. Monday, August 21 – Saratoga Cooler
  4. Sunday, September 3- Saratoga Clock

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