Mallozzi Family Opening New Dessert Shop

The name Mallozzi pretty much means delicious foods and desserts and now a member of the family is opening up a new dessert shop.

19-year-old Olivia Mallozzi has stepped away from the already established Mallozzi brands to create her own in Cocobar according to The Daily Gazette. It will be located next to Johnny’s and include floor to ceiling glass walls so people can watch their candy being made. As the name suggests, Cocobar will focus mostly on chocolate. Using what she’s learned while a student at SCCC as well as behind the counter at other Mallozzi brands, she originally wasn’t sure she wanted to go into the family business but it seems like she couldn’t stay away. Olivia will be the youngest Mallozzi to be a part of the operation.

A great note about the business is that it will have an original, reconditioned NCR cash register like the original her Grandfather used at Villa Italia in 1965. The menu will include soft-serve custards and roasted nuts with cinnamon-sugar coating. No word on the official opening date yet.

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