Have You Ever Wanted to be a Jockey at the Track?

I’ll be honest, being a jockey was never really something I thought about. Granted, that could be because I haven’t been under 5’5″ since Elementary school but whether you’ve wanted to experience it or not, you can now!

Stop by the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame and you can feel what it’s like to be a jockey at the Saratoga Race Course. You can check out the simulator ‘Ready to Ride’ that was designed as a training tool for the professionals. It allows you to race against 5 other simulated horses through one of 15 different courses, one being Saratoga. You not only have to race but you have to balance and time it properly, just like the pros.

According to The Daily Gazette, to ride, you must be at least 4’6″, sign a release form, be wearing long pants and closed toed shoes, and pay $10 in addition to the museum’s current fee.

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