Adirondack Wine and Food Festival 2017


Adirondack Wine and Food Festival 2017


I don’t make grandiose statements like this on my blog very often but this may be my favorite event in the Capital Region all year, the Adirondack Wine and Food Festival that was on June 24th & 25th this year at Charles Wood Festival Commons. Food, drinks, local, on the beautiful Lake George- how could it not be?

The festival broke records again by selling a total of nearly 6000 tickets over the two days of the festival. This year’s event had a total of 4 wineries, 4 breweries, 8 distilleries, 3 cideries, 26 artisan food vendors, 9 food trucks, 1 local restaurant, 6 specialty vendors and more! There may have been more people there this year over last year but it didn’t feel that way being at the event. I felt like the event was pretty spread out and I didn’t have to wait at any crazy lines for tastings. There was the addition of “Take a Break” covered tents with tables which were great to eat and get a breather from the sun. I didn’t utilize it but I saw a water misting tent and there was plenty of water for sale to not be dehydrated. The volunteers were great and knowledgeable, it’s hard to think that it could’ve gotten even better than last year but they succeeded.

One of my favorite parts of this festival is that aside from all the delicious wine and beer tastings, there are some foods to snack on as well. My boyfriend always looks forward to tasting all the hot sauces there are to offer! He even tried a Carolina Reaper (I know, he’s crazy, but he’s cute so I keep him around). I love the opportunity to try a bunch of local businesses in one place, especially some that are from a little further away from the area.

I had some beer, I had Merlot, I had some Reisling, I had some cider, I had some mead, I had some vodka, I had some whiskey- I feel like if there’s a type of alcohol, not only could you find it at the Adirondack Wine & Food Festival, but I tasted it. That’s one of the best things about this event. My boyfriend isn’t a huge wine drinker but in the cider, the beer, and the food tastings, he still had an amazing time! Find something you like? You can buy it right there and have them hold it for you while you shop for some more. Honestly, there isn’t an event like this in the 518 that’s run so smoothly, opens your eyes to some new things to try, and with such a beautiful view. If you’ve missed it these past few years, don’t make that mistake next year. 2018’s date is already on my calendar!

Add to your schedules for next year, the 2018 Adirondack Wine & Food Festival will be Saturday, June 23th & Sunday, June 24th at the Charles R. Wood Festival Commons!

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