Paperless Post: Digital Invitations

Paperless Post: Digital Invitations

I feel like whenever I need to mail a birthday card, thank you note, or even an invitation to a party I’m having, I’m never prepared. I either run out of envelopes or can’t find the stamps but thankfully there’s a new way to send mail and it’s Paperless Post!

Whatever you need to send, Paperless Post has it! Hosting a local event and need an invitation? Your best friend’s birthday coming up and you forgot to send a card? You’re getting married and looking for a fun way to send out your save the dates? Paperless Post has all of these options and more!

When most people think birthday it seems like the first place they turn is to a Facebook post but wouldn’t it be better to show your friends how much they mean to you with a personalized card? I’ve been working a lot more lately so my boyfriend and I haven’t been able to see each other as much as we’d like so I decided to use Paperless Post to just send him a card reminding him how I feel about him.

I looked through the various designs (and there’s a ton to choose from) and found one I liked. Then it was time to customize! I picked a background that complimented the card and decided what I wanted to write inside. You can pretty much customize anything. I changed the font, color, size, just to get it to look exactly how I wanted. Then you can decide on the colors of the envelope it comes in, the postmark, and the stamp so it’s exactly what you want it to look like.

The most innovative part, I think, comes from when you send it. You can send the same card to multiple people (invitations) and you can even schedule deliveries. If you think you’re going to forget someone’s birthday or anniversary? Create a card months in advance and schedule it! You can’t do that with a card in store. Also, each card can be customized in so many ways. Ever loved the front of a card but hated the message on the inside? Not a problem with Paperless Post! I’m in the process of buying a house and I’m going to have to invite people to my housewarming party, right? No questions asked, I’m going right to Paperless Post for invitations!

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Note: Though I was not specifically compensated for this review, I was given credits for the website in order to try out the product and send out a card. Opinions above are mine and, again, not paid for.

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