Local McDonalds Stepping Up Their Tech

Local McDonalds Stepping Up Their Tech

When I think McDonalds, I think fast food, drive-thrus and french fries but now, I guess I have to think touch screens and computers…but still french fries.

The McDonalds on Route 50 in Saratoga Springs just reopened but this time with a brand new shiny addition. According to News10 ABC, the new McDonalds now has digital kiosks and table service. Now, when ordering, instead of going up to the counter, you use the touch screen for that as well as to pay. There are still human McDonalds employees who will craft your order in the back.

At first, I was worried because to me, it sounds like that’s fewer jobs for people when their roles are taken over by technology. With the addition of table service, now McDonalds must hire more people in order to accommodate. This McDonalds specifically hired 30 new employees including people for new hospitality positions. This is just another in a line of this higher tech McDonalds, but the first in this area.

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