Thacher Park to Charge

Thacher Park to Charge

One of the best parts about living in the Capital Region is the amazing nature we have surrounding us. From the Adirondack Mountains to hidden gems like Plotterkill in Rotterdam to everybody’s favorite, Thacher Park. The best part was just being able to show up and walk around on a beautiful day for free, for one of those places, that’s going to change.

According to WNYT, there are new structures being built at Thacher Park and when they asked about what they were for, park officials confirmed that they are paying stations for parking at the park. Parking at Thacher Park will now cost you $6. Pay for parking hasn’t been utilized in the park for the last three years but is necessary for upkeep and to pay employees.

News of this pay for parking comes about a month after the announcement of the $3.8 million new visitor center. The new center can be found next to the trailhead and picnic area for Indian Ladder.

Credit: Gone Hikin’

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