Colonie Center Store Closing

I like to think that with one door closing, another door will open. This store was already moved to a smaller location and now will no longer be at Colonie Center. Hopefully something even better will take its place.

When I think FYE, I think of the go-to spot for not only CDs, DVDs, or Blu-Ray, but where I can get licensed merchandise for some of my favorite shows or movies. According to the Albany Business Journal, FYE in Colonie Center is closing. Their liquidation sale started earlier this month and Colonie Center is to open the store in another location. Until then, you can still find FYE at Crossgates Mall, downstairs in their new location. Everything is on sale until the liquidation sale is over and stop by and maybe you’ll pick up the entire season of that TV show you love but didn’t have a chance to get before.

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