Albany Distilling Shuts Down Summer Tours

Albany Distilling Shuts Down Summer Tours

Whiskey is my favorite alcohol, and if I had to choose, my favorite kind of whiskey is local whiskey. One of the brands that fills up my liquor cabinet is Albany Distilling Company so when I heard that they were shutting down summer tours, I was nervous. No worries friends, it’s not forever, and it’s for a very good reason!

If you’ve been following the recent journey of Albany Distilling Co, you’d know that the company isn’t pulling back, they’re pushing forward. First, they announced the growth of their 78 Montgomery Street location to a second location at 75 Livingston Avenue. That doesn’t mean anything about their Montgomery Street location, production will still be there but barrel storage and retail operations will be moving to Livingston Avenue. (Cooper the cat will be staying at the Montgomery location, if you were curious)

Also announced, was the come back of 10 Pin, a brandy in collaboration with Nine Pin Cider to be bottled after July 8th as well as a Barrel Strength Ironweed Bourbon which is available now and sounds delicious!

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