New Business Coming to Upper Union Street, Sch’dy

New Business Coming to Upper Union Street, Sch’dy

If you live in Schenectady, it seems as if Upper Union Street is just one of those hubs of great businesses to check out. We lost Jimmy Johns (corner of Union/Dean Streets) earlier this year but it didn’t take them long to fill the building.

I’ve lived near Upper Union Street my whole life. We’ve had some great places come through that area, some gone but most have stood the test of time. One place I do really miss is Montana Mills Bread Company. Fresh bread right near my house, various kinds, I could taste it and apparently I wasn’t alone.

When polled, residents of the area said the one business they wanted to see on Upper Union Street was “bread baking.” The Upper Union Street Business Improvement District did not disappoint. Coming to the old Jimmy Johns is Bread from Brooklyn. The company, based in Amsterdam, is moving East on 890 and will have its Union Street grand opening on June 16th!

The bread is from Brooklyn, NY and driven up daily to the Capital Region. Offering Italian bread, bagels, cookies, and pastries, the business started by supplying local pizzerias until opening their Amsterdam storefront in January 2017.

You can also take a taste during the 12th Annual Strawberry Fest on Union Street on June 17th from 10AM-3PM where they will take part. Tentative hours are 6AM-5PM on weekdays, 6AM-6PM Saturday & Sunday.

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