Self-Driving Car Testing in Albany This Month

Self-Driving Car Testing in Albany This Month

I still don’t know how I feel about self-driving cars. The idea seems great and would make long distance car rides much more accommodating. Something, though, about giving all the power to the thing I’m driving, pretty much putting my life in the hands of an automobile kind of freaks me out.

Audi of America is coming to Albany on June 13th to test out one of their new self-driving cars around the State Capitol. Downtown Albany is announcing that this is the first event of its kind and the first test of a self-driving car in the Empire State.

New legislation that passed earlier this Spring allows for the testing of self-driving cars in the state. This is a year-long program and Audi was the first company to apply. The vehicles they will be testing are considered “Level 3,” or are allowed to be driven hands-free at highway speeds but still have the ability for a person to take over if necessary.

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