New Veteran’s Memorial Coming to Niskayuna

New Veteran’s Memorial Coming to Niskayuna

It seems appropriate to talk about this being that it’s Memorial Day weekend. A new memorial is coming to Niskayuna to give thanks to those who fought overseas for our freedoms. Thank you all, you deserve it!

On Wednesday, construction crews broke ground on the Town Hall green on Niskayuna Circle. The Niskayuna American Legion partnered with town and other local businesses to create this beautiful monument. Together, they also raised the money necessary to build. Estimation is that the monument will be finished in the Fall.

Those of us who have Monday off, I’m sure are excited for a day where we don’t have to go to work. Remember, though, the reason we have a Memorial Day. Remember those who lost their lives fighting for our rights, fighting for our freedoms, and giving the ultimate sacrifice. One day just isn’t enough for all that they have done for us but since this day is on the calendar, don’t waste it. Take a moment, remember those you’ve lost, say thanks.

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