Shenendehowa Prayer Rooms During Time of Ramadan

Shenendehowa Prayer Rooms During Time of Ramadan

I don’t like to get political on my blog, I mean, you’re not here for that and I know that. I couldn’t help but see this article from News10 ABC about local school, Shenendehowa, designating certain prayer rooms for Ramadan.

The Muslim holiday which runs from Saturday, May 27- June 24th, involves Muslims fasting and praying during daylight hours. Parents were made aware from letters sent home by the school. Though the room is being put in place for Ramadan, the school commented that the room is available for anyone who wishes to utilize it for prayer.

Credit: Shenendehowa Central Schools

I’ve seen comments all over the internet about the issues people have with this, separation of Church and state, allowing this for Muslims but nothing available for other religions. I went to a Catholic school so my opinion is slightly skewed because we’ve always had religion. Notre Dame-Bishop Gibbons has a chapel in the school and at least a handful of times during the month, we walked to St. Paul’s for mass. The room is being placed because of Ramadan and because the school is just calling it a general prayer room and not making it specific, makes it better to swallow. As a Catholic, there are no rituals or prayer that would interfere with my day-to-day but I understand that it isn’t the case in other religions. This is a tough issue and I give Shenendehowa for thinking outside of the box with this, if anything.

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