Raw Cookie Dough Store Coming to Crossgates Mall

Raw Cookie Dough Store Coming to Crossgates Mall

I hear all the time that I shouldn’t eat raw cookie dough. There are raw eggs in there and it’s not good for me but when it comes time to make cookies, I just can’t help it! It’s so delicious! Thankfully there’s soon going to be a place I can get it and it’s okay to eat!

Last week, Dough Boyz opened in the Buffalo area and was incredibly successful. Now, negotiations are in the works for a location to open in Crossgates Mall, Albany according to New York Upstate. Apparently they offer a ton of flavors but favorites so far are: chocolate chip (obviously), s’mores, and cake batter with sprinkles. The recipes use treated flour and contain no eggs. Owner Joseph Francabandiero is also looking into vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free options.

The only other similar cookie dough location meant us Upstate NY-ers would have had to travel to NYC, I can’t wait for Dough Boyz to open at Crossgates. That may become my new favorite place in the Capital Region!

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