Mastroianni Brothers Bakery is Back! Kind of…

Mastroianni Brothers Bakery is Back! Kind of…

Being from Schenectady, Mastroianni Brothers Bakery was everything. When we’d have dinner and needed bread, there was no question. When my Mom made a pot of sauce, my first stop was to the Mastroianni aisle so when they announced to be closing I was crushed. Now, they’re open again but there’s a catch.

A few years ago, I had the honor of getting a tour of my favorite bakery and wrote about it here. I heard about the growth they were excited about, the events they had scheduled and then about a month later they announced their closing.

The plus side, you are now able to find Mastroianni Brothers bread in Price Chopper locations in the Capital Region again but there’s something a little different. Mastroianni Brothers filed for bankruptcy and a company called Pumilia Pizza Shells in Utica purchased Mastroianni Brothers at an auction last December. According to Spectrum News, “after working on the recipe and logistics, Mastroianni Brothers bakery is back” and that worries me.

From what I remember, Mastroianni bread was perfect, what did they change before they put it back on our shelves? Also, the announced instead of utilizing their old Schenectady location, the bread will also be made in Utica and shipped to Capital Region markets. I’m not going to completely knock it until I try it, but I’m a bit weary of how they may have changed my favorite bread.

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