McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Straw

McDonald’s Shamrock Shake Straw

I’m sure you’ve seen it all around the internet, thanks to McDonald’s I had the chance to check it out myself: The STRAW! First, McDonald’s changed the way you thought about the Shamrock Shake. Sure, we’re used to the delicious cold minty beverage but this year they’ve added new drinks to the menu. You can still get the plain Shamrock Shake but with that there’s:

  • Chocolate Shamrock Shake: vanilla soft serve and chocolate flavored syrup under the original mint flavoring
  • Shamrock Chocolate Chip Frappe: a blend of chocolate chips and a hint of coffee
  • Shamrock Mocha: sustainable espresso beans, steamed milk, mint and mocha flavored syrup
  • Shamrock Hot Chocolate: regular Hot Chocolate is now minty with steamed milk, mint and mocha flavored syrup

Then, to help you drink the new chocolate/mint Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s, with the help of aerospace engineers (JACE and NK Labs) have created the Suction Tube for Reverse Axial Withdrawal or the STRAW. With the dual-layers of shake, they needed something to help you drink it and have the same amount of mint & chocolate in each sip. They created 2000 of these straws just in time for Shamrock season. You can order Shamrock Chocolate Shakes through Monday, March 20th so just a little less than a month to celebrate the #ShamrockSeason!

At first I was thinking that this is just a straw with more holes in it but then I tried it. I was honestly amazed that the straw took both flavors together. I tasted both the mint and ShamrockShake2the chocolate, there’s a definite flavor difference! I ordered two shakes. One, I stirred and tasted and the other I used the STRAW. After awhile, the color of the stirred shake was muddy colored and the flavors were there and it was still delicious but some sips would be more minty and others more chocolatey. This STRAW fixed that problem and now I’m trying to find other things I can use this straw with.

Waiting to get your Shamrock Shake for St Patrick’s Day? You’re in luck, with each McCafe Shamrock Chocolate beverage purchased March 11-17, McDonald’s will donate 25 cents to the Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) who supports local programs like: Albany Ronald McDonald House, The Family Room & Suite at Albany Med, The Dental Care Mobile with St. Peter’s & The Grants Program.

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