Theatre was my first love. I can’t take the theatre out of me. And I wouldn’t want to. To me, it’s home.

In case you missed what’s coming to Proctors Theatre in the 2017-2018 season, take a look at my PREVIOUS BLOG POST.

July 7-August 13, 2017: Mamma Mia

A musical based ABBA’s greatest hits, bride-to-be Sophia Sheridan sends a wedding invitation to three men to determine which is her Father. It brings her mother through events from the past 20 years as the mystery unravels.

September 22- October 15: Sex with Strangers

When Ethan, a 20 something blogger, ends up snowbound at a Bed & Breakfast with his literary idol, Olivia, sparks fly! One thing leads to another, they find they have a mutual attraction but things aren’t the same in the morning. Contains mature language and adult subject matter.


November 24- December 24: She Loves Me

Amalia and George, feuding store clerks find solace in their secret lonely-hearts pen pals. Little do they know, they’re writing to each other! A tangle of mistake identity and hilarious encounters bring these soulmates together.

January 26- February 18: Paris Time [World Premiere]

When Deborah, the wife of a successful American executive based in Paris, becomes and activist defending a young Jewish Frenchwoman, Charles gets caught in the corporate hot seat.

April 6- April 29: Blithe Spirit

Charles Condomine, re-married to Ruth but haunted (literally) by the ghost of his first wife Elvira who has been conjured up by a visiting “happy medium.” Discover how Charles gets the genie – or at least Elvira- back into the bottle.

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