The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.

Sometimes I find myself in the strangest places in the Capital Region. For TheShirtFactorywhatever reason, I just show up at something that sounds remotely interesting that I know nothing about and find some hidden jewels in our area. That’s kind of what happened when I visited The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls (71 Lawrence Street & 21 Cooper Street, Glens Falls).

After checking out my Aunt’s art at a local restaurant, we decided to check out an art showing at The Shirt Factory. I’ve heard about it but I’ve never been there and WOW it’s so much bigger than I expected. I walked down hallway after hallway after hallway seeing all of these great businesses all inside one building. I got to the end, thought I checked it all out and then found out that there are 2 other floors that I didn’t even see! There’s honestly everything in there, for example, art, history, yoga, art classes, acupuncture, shops, a bakery and I’m sure the two other floors had things I missed. If you ever find yourself in Glens Falls and have already experienced the main street, take a trip over to The Shirt Factory and see what you may have missed!

[Quote by Pablo Picasso]

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