REVIEW: Lucky Strike Social Party [PHOTOS]


REVIEW: Lucky Strike Social Party [PHOTOS]

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SO, FINALLY, I’m able to write about my awesome experience at Lucky Strike Social. For those of you new to my blog or missed the awful thing that happened: I lost all of my files.

/edit Lucky Strike has closed.

My hard drive decided to crash taking all of my blog past, present, and future with it. Finally, finally finally, I have gotten everything organized and found most of my missing files. Therefore, note that I had this VIP Party experience October of last year but was unable to get my blog together enough to tell you about it until now.


With the two-hour party, I was given two exclusive bowling lanes and a few party platters. The platters included Mac & Cheese bites (45 pieces) with marinara sauce, crispy chicken bites (36 pieces), chips & guacamole for up to 12 guests, as well as two kinds of pizzas (Margherita & Rotisserie Chicken). Along with the food, we were also given $5 & 30 minutes of unlimited play cards and everything needed for bowling.

The food was great! I loved having the little bites of food, even the slices of pizza were a great size, it made it easy to eat and bowl at the same time. I know they offer other kinds of food but these were the choices given to us. With the amount of food we had, it was plenty for the 7 or so of us that were there. I particularly loved the Mac & Cheese bites, it not something I get all the time but am so so happy when I do. The pizza crust was crunchy, the cheese didn’t fall off of it and the chicken was really well cooked.

I invited a bunch of my friends and we had a great time. Even though there were people in other lanes bowling, we didn’t even notice with the private room. The room was surrounded in really comfortable couches as well as couches by the bowling lanes. We had people show up that didn’t intend on bowling and they still had plenty of room to relax and nosh on our food. I really loved having our own room with food. Sure, you think to have a private event for a birthday or celebrating something but we didn’t and we had a really great time! Plus, afterward, we got to explore the arcade and my boyfriend ended up with enough points to get himself a pretty spiffy rubber duck.

We really had a great time and if you’re looking for a place to host your event or just a place to get people together on a Friday/Saturday night, check out Lucky Strike, You can work with an events manager to get exactly what you need for your party.

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