REVIEW: Roost Crate [PHOTOS]

I think I have a problem with subscription boxes. What’s better than a present once a month coming to your house having no idea what’s inside? Actually, I know what’s better, all of that but local! They call it “Your farmer’s market in a box, delivered to your door.”

Roost Crate was started here in Upstate NY (via the blog EatPicks) and utilizes the great farmer’s markets we have around here to not only support local businesses but give you the opportunity to try a RoostCratebunch out at once! Want to try some of the best products our farmer’s markets has to offer but find it hard for you to decide? Each month, you’re sent 4-6 carefully curated artisan items from Upstate NY/New England ($40-$60 value) that fit together for a particular theme. You can order month-to-month to try it out ($39.95/month), 3-months at a time ($109.00), or 6-months at a time ($219.00). They’re sent out the 20th of each month and a few days later, you’re getting great local items without even leaving your house! An added favorite part of mine is if you like one of the products, they also offer you a place to purchase them separately on their site.

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I received the October box and my theme was “Gathering Around” featuring some of their favorite harvest treats!

1- 2nd Street Cosmetics Lavender Face Mask/ Orange Cream Lip Balm ($10/$6), Troy NY: I’ve never used a powdered face mask before but it smelt amazing and made my face feel even better! The lip balm was great too, like a creamscicle on my lips, especially with this drying season of Winter I haven’t been able to put it down!

2- RAD Soap Co. Death Wish Caffeinated Body Cream ($20), Albany NY: This partnership between RAD Soap Co and Death Wish is one of my favorites! If you’ve never utilized soap from RAD Soap Co, you should. The way they make soap and the way it feels on your body is so much better than any national brand soap company. Your skin is invigorated & you smell like the fresh first roast in the morning!

3- Healthy Gourmet Kitchen Pumpkin Cheesecake Mix ($4) Scotia NY: ‘Tis the season for everything pumpkin so this was perfect. I haven’t had the chance to try it yet but this mix could be used for frosting, dip, or a whole cheesecake! Non-GMO, gluten free, vegan confectionery sugar & organic Fair Trade vanilla.

4- Barkeater Chocolates Orange Citrus Surprise ($3) North Creek NY: Orange + Chocolate is one of my favorite flavor pairings, paired with this delicious local chocolate, I may have done a dance when I saw that this was included. Not too overpowering but the hint of orange makes this already amazing chocolate even better!

5- Lodgical Homestead Creations Rich Fudgy Brownie Mix ($3) Hamburg NY: I haven’t had a chance to put this together yet either but I loved learning about this company. All food items are made in smell batches with easy to follow instructions. Also, how could you go wrong with rich, fudgy and brownie, right?

My favorite part of Roost Crate was how it opened my eyes to products right here in the Capital Region that I may not have heard of before. I love that a subscription box like this gives companies from our area the opportunity to be in people’s homes who may not otherwise know about them. Then, when you find that you like a company, you’re not too far away to support them further. Try out some of the products I had in my subscription box or, even better, get a box for yourself!

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NOTE: Though my subscription box was given to me for no charge in order to write this post, the opinions expressed here are solely my own and I was not compensated additionally for it. 

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